21 Aralık 2015 Pazartesi

Shoe and Sneaker Edition

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 20 December 2015)

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       The customer's always right, right?

The pointless murder occurred at a shoe store in Bakırköy, Istanbul,
on 17 December.  A person entering the shop with a gun riddled shoe
salesman Mehmet Altuntaş (a.k.a. Al Bundy) with bullets.  Police
reviewed security camera footage and determined who the assailant was.

The attacker, Ercan A. (29), had purchased shoes from the store two
days ago.  Police caught up with him at a shopping mall in Şişli,
Istanbul, yesterday and Ercan A. confessed his guilt in the crime.

In his statement, Ercan A. explained that "I bought the shoes on sale
for 99 TL. But the shoes' color faded in a day so I brought them back.
The salesman said 'shoes sold on sale can't be returned or exchanged
because you got them cheap anyway.  Wash them and they'll be okay.'
I washed them but they got worse. I blew my top!  Then I went to the
store and told the salesman 'I washed them but they got worse. Now
I've come to clean you'."  Ercan A. then opened fire on Altuntaş,
killing him.

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             Bakırköy district, Istanbul.

türkçe  links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 December 2015)

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         'Air Çorlu' sneakers. 

A truck driver's plan to steal 1 million TK worth of sneakers in
Çorlu, Tekirdağ province, has ended in failure.  A short while
ago Ö.D. began working at a factory in Çorlu where famous-make
sneakers are produced. Ö.D. loaded his truck with 1 million TL
worth of sneakers in order to deliver them to the firm's outlet in

However, Ö.D. took his truck to İkitelli, Istanbul, where he unloaded
the sneakers at a carpentry workshop. After that, Ö. D. and friends
M.S. and S.S. endeavored to sell the sneakers themselves.  On a tip,
police raided the workshop and seized 5,400 pairs of sneakers, even
taking the sneakers that Ö.D. was wearing (!).  The sneakers were
returned to the factory in Çorlu and Ö.D., M.S. and S.S. were released
under jucidial control.


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