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On The Road Edition

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 December 2015)

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Dr. U.S.'s target Z.M. and the mayhem his obsession caused.

There was a chain-reaction accident on the airport road in Antalya
yesterday evening at around 1800.  Brain surgeon (!) Dr. U.S. was
driving his car with plate number 07 GEV 97 when he noticed the
car driven by Z.M., who had rebuffed the doctor's romantic advances.

Dr. U.S. decided to follow Z.M.'s car (plate nr. 07 EDP ) and closed
in on her, bumping her car on the side.  At this point, Z.M. panicked
and hit a minibus (plate nr 07 FZA 91) in front of her.  The minibus,
carrying airport security personnel, rolled over and 18 people were

Two other vechiles were damaged in the accident and Dr. U.S. was
slightly injured.  Z.M. was taken to the Altınova police station, where
she asserted that Dr.U.S., who has been sexually harassing her for
some time, had caused the accident.  Dr. U.S. was then taken into

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          Antalya and its nearby airport.

türkçe links to origibnal Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 13 December 2015)

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"The inventors of these iron speed bumps will pay in the next world."

Semih Keskin, the müftü (Islamic law expert) in Torbalı district of
Izmir province, who previously made the news when he had a shower
stall put into his official office, has gone to war against the speed bumps
found on all the streets of the district.

Müftü Keskin asserted at a city meeting that the speed bumps cause
damage to vehicles and he added that "iron speed bumps are inhumane.
Those who invented these will pay the price in the next world.  I didn't
speak as a müfü at the meeting, merely as a driver. I'm not against
plastic speed bumps but the iron ones rattle a person to no end."

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 December 2015)

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        Same license plate, 54 years later!

Fatih and Ahmet Türkoğlu, who live in Çaykara, Trabzon, wanted
to surprise their father so they went in search of the Thames truck
he bought in 1954 and sold in 1961.  The two brothers learned that
the truck, with plate number 61 AD 444, was currently registered to
the Giresun Security Directorate and had been put in a junkyard.

The Türkoğlu brothers bought the truck from the junkyard and
brought it back to mint condition.  Then they set up a meeting with
their father in their village.  When father Halit Ziya Türkoğlu came
to meet with his children on the weekend he was amazed to see the
truck he had sold 54 years ago.

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Çaykara district is in extreme southeastern Trabzon province.



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