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'Day Late, Dollar Short', He'll Serve Jail Time

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 December 2015)

1200 liralık cezayı, davacıya kızıp 5 kuruşlarla ödemek istedi
Well, now he can use them for prison weight-lifting program.

An Izmir youth hit with a 1,200 TL (about 400 USD) fine
came up with an interesting way to show his displeasure.
Emrah A. appeared before a judge, charged with having slashed
the tires of his ex-girlfriend's father's car.

During the first hearing of the case the judge asked Emrah A.
whether or not he could pay the fine.  Emrah A. said in response
that he could but would need a little time.  The judge then told
Emrah A. to pay the fine by 13 December and he scheduled the
next hearing for 14 December.

But then complainant E.K., Emrah A.'s ex-girlfriend's father, screamed
at Emrah A. "you're not worth a plug nickel.", to which Emrah A. took
exception and in reaction, he collected 1,200 TL in 8 bags filled with 50
kuruş coins. He brought the coins to the courthouse yesterday
(15 December).

However, Emrah A. failed to calculate the calendar correctly. The
period dictated by the court for him to pay his fine ended the day
before yesterday.  So, since the case was settled and he hadn't paid
the fine, Emrak A. was shocked to learn that he will serve a jail
sentence of 1 year.

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                Izmir province

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