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'Bride' Drugs and Dupes Groom for Jewels

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 December 2015)

//ed. note: today TNT marks its 5th anniversary of publication.//

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       Here comes (and there goes) the bride...

Rıza Türkal (38), who lives in Serinhisar district of Denizli
province, claims that he was bilked on his wedding day by the
Syrian woman he was introduced to for marriage.

Türkal met a woman named 'Fatma', said to be Syrian, through a
person named R.T.  Türkal paid R.T. 15,000 TL (about 5,000 USD)
and the 'kına gecesi' (henna night) for the intended bride was held
in Serinhisar on 12 December.

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The script of this 2006 film essentially came to life in Serinhisar.

However, on the morning of the wedding day, the bride put Türkal
to sleep with medicine (!) and together with two people she had
introduced as her sister (or brother - the word 'kardeş' is gender-
neutral) and cousin, she took 20,000 TL worth of jewelry and

When he came to his senses, Türkal realized that he had been hood-
winked and went to the Serinhisar public prosecutor to seek relief.
Türkal said that he had learned that a man named Fetih Cam (32) had
been similarly duped by a woman using the name 'Mirfet' in Konya's
Çumra district in October.

çumra see previous TNT reporting for the wild goings on in Çumra.

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Çumra district is in southern Konya province.

According to Türkal, the Syrian bride and her 8 cohorts, 3 of whom
are women, were caught by police in Antalya.  Türkal warned:
"let our citizens be alert to these people coming from Syria who
purport to want to marry."  It was reported that the Türkal family
had spent 50,000 TL on the jewelry for the bride and the wedding

Serinhisar district is near the center of Denizli province. 

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