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Well-educated Eternal Dupes

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 27 December 2015)

Türkan hanım and 'shaikh' Zekeriya, left, with willing dupes.

Based on the complaint of Prof. Dr. S.G.A., a faculty dean
at a university, a case was opened in an Ankara court against Türkan
Budak and a person named Zekeriya K.,, said to be a shaikh.  In her
statement for the case, Dr. S.G.A. stated that she had lost about
500,000 TL (about 175,000 USD) and 50,000 TL worth of  jewelry
that she had earned over 10 years through sales from her flat, to the
two suspects.

The victims in the case gave their statements to the court on 24
December and they were identified as a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer,
and businesswomen.  All had been duped with same technique.  One
of the victims explained that "the teachers at the school and their friends
were sucked into the religious congregation. Since she (Budak) was an
elementary school teacher, she established contact with the children's
mothers.  With her mesmerizing oratory, she roped the women into her

At home gatherings, Türkan Budak would tell her audience of women
that "you can't take anything to the next world. When you die and are
put in the grave our shaikh will come and bear witness to you.  Give
me your money and I'll give it to the shaikh,  Let's do good works on
your behalfs."

Photographs of Türkan Budak with luxury cars she bought and foreign
vacations were introduced as evidence in court.  Zekeriya K., who claimed
not to know Türkan Budak but who was together with her in the same
photo,  was acquitted.  Türkan Budak, though, was sentenced to 3 years
and 1 month in jail,  and fined 5,000 TL.  

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        Bon Voyage to the Afterlife, suckers!

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