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Womens Rights Setback!: What a Mindset...

//ed. note: Turkish article unavailable on the internet :( //

victory see this TNT report - one step forward, one step back.

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       The 'she asked for it' defense fails...this time.

A young girl walking by herself in Pendik district of Istanbul was
subjected first to verbal sexual harassment by two brothers, who
then tried to force the girl into their car.  When the two suspects
appeared in court they drove the judge to distraction with their

N.T. (26), who lives in Pendik, was walking back from visiting a
friend at 2150 at night, heading for her home.  S.A.(27), the
married father on one child, and his brother B.A. (25), married and
the father of two children, drove their car alongside N.T. and said to
her "get in and we'll have some fun." When N.T. responded by saying
"leave me alone!", the two brothers tried to drag the girl into the car.

N.T. screamed and was able to escape, taking refuge in a nearby store.
Subsequently, police arrested the two brothers.  During the first hearing
in the case, N.T. lamented that "I wasn't able to go to work for two
weeks. I was constantly taking tranquilizers to calm myself down."

The judge then said to the two brother suspects "you have a mother
and sisters. What you did scared this young girl tremendously."
In response, suspect S.A. told the judge "my mother, my wife, my
daughter wouldn't walk around alone there at that hour."

Unimpressed with this defense, the judge gave S.A. a 6-month
prison sentence, but acquitted B.A.

            Pendik district of Istanbul.

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