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Jailhouse Edition: Mafia Boss Rules, Fugitive Jumps

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 December 2015)

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Don Corleonoğlu making the best of things in the hole...

Mafia chieftan Alaattin Çakıcı, who is being held in the Number 1
F-type prison in Tekirdağ, and two of his men allegedly beat up
the prison's deputy warden and a guard a month and a half ago,
breaking their ribs.

After the incident the Prison Discipline Council met and decided
that there was "no need for any action to be taken" against Çakıcı
and his men.  Nevertheless, the deputy warden who was beaten up
fıled a complaint with the Justice Ministry.  An inspector  was
sent by the ministry and a second scandal was uncovered.

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               There's no place like home.

In turned out that Çakıcı and one of his men named Ali Öztürk
had beaten up another prison guard a year and a half ago but
the incident was covered up.  It has been determined that the warden
at the time, Suat Atan, had said "don't mix me up in this." and that
the report about the guard's injuries stated that it had resulted from
"me falling down the stairs."

Additionally, no report about the beating was prepared and, as a
consequence, no action was taken against Çakıcı.  The inspector
also found that the prison official charged with taking care of
inmates' money had deposited money for Çakıcı in the name of
all the prisoners.  Another official let Çakıcı out until morning
for a talk with his lawyer.

Based on the decison of the inspector, warden Kemal Kargacıer,
former warden Suat Atan, 5 deputy wardens, 5 officials and 5
guards were relieved of duty.

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     Tekirdağ, relative to Istanbul.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 December 2015)

Image result for muharrem alagöz
What, is this guy superman? Just a sprained wrist? 

On 2 November, Muharrem Alagöz, escaped from the prison
in Kozan district, Adana, where he was being held on charges
of narcotics trafficking.  Alagöz began to hole up in a house in
Alanya in Antalya province.

When police determined where the suspect was hiding out
they went into action and the night before last raided the house.
Alagöz saw the police coming so he jumped from the 5th floor
balcony, landing on a parked car below.

Alogöz only suffered a slight injury to his arm and began to
flee.  He was apprehended, however, and taken back to jail.

                Where it all happened.


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