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Batman's 'Grip'; Tunnel-vision Gamblers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 December 2015)

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Alfred! Bring me plenty of liquids!

In the past week there have been 11,900 people (!) applying at
the emergency room of Batman Regional State Hospital for
treatment because of 'grip' (influenza) infections.  The intense
crush of applicants means that no beds are left open and some
patients are taking serum in the hallways.

Emergency room doctor Talat Kardaş said that there is a 'gribal'
(influenza) infection epidemic thereabouts and he added that
"we've been looking at an average of 900 patients per day but
in the last week this has jumped to 1,700 per day.  In short,
there's a tremendous crush on our capabilities. We're asking
citizens to stay warm and drink lots of liquids."

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                        Batman province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 December 2015)

Hey, you gambled and you lost...dig deep and try again.

Police have raided a business where the game tombala (sort of
like bingo) was being played 18 times in the past two months,
with both players and organizers being booked.  After the last
operation, the site, where the owners earned 100,000 TL (about
33,000 USD) per night, was sealed.

Not to be deterred, though, the owners found a way to get their
customers into the gambling house.  The dug a tunnel (!) from the
adjacent building and the game continued. Police in Fatih found
the tunnel, entered through it and arrested 60 people and 5
organizers red-handed.

'Ankara Tombala', so called because it was first played in Ankara,
has proven to be a cash-cow for organizers, bringing in between
50,000 and 100,000 TL per night.  The game draws gambling addicts
including businessmen who have lost their houses and doctors who
have given up their cars for the game.

In any event, the fine for organizaing tombala games is not dissuasive
enough.  Some players who have lost everything inform the police
about the tombala halls but after a while they return to the game.
For New Years, in particular, police are poised to conduct widespead
raids on tombala halls.

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                Fatih district, Istanbul


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