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'Katzenegger' Pumps Up in Izmir

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 1 October 2017)

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Izmir police received a tip about body-builder Cengiz D., who has placed
second and third in the Turkey Body-Building Championships, to the effect
that he has been bringing raw materials into Turkey illegally, producing
liquid, pill and capsule medicines in his villa and selling them in his
sports club and over the internet.

İzmirde lüks villaya baskın... Vücut geliştirme şampiyonu gözaltında
                      Where's the catnip?

After 3 months of surveillance, police raided Cengiz D.'s villa in Urla.
A search of the villa turned up testosterone and other medicines, along
with apparatus for making and packaging medicines.  In addition, police
found a cat (!) in a cabinet and the doctor accompanying the police
determined that the cat was being used as a guinea pig for Cengiz D.'s

Cengiz D. was taken into custody but subsequently released.

Image result for cengiz d türkiye vücut geliştirme şampiyonası
                    Cengiz D. and SuperCat

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