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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 30 July 2014)

All the fuss started with Cansever.

In Aydin's Nazilli district, Ahmet A. (23) and his wife
Aynur A. (19) came to a gas station at 2230 hours on
Sunday night and took a music CD by the artist Cansever
entitled "Ah, The Days I've Seen", without paying for
it.  As the couple was leaving with the CD, gas station
workers protested and a row ensued, with the couple
breaking some windows.

The couple then fled in their car with police in hot pursuit.
Heading for the town of Kuyucak, Ahmet and Aynur broke
through a police barricade and disappeared. Shortly
afterwards, though, the car was spotted in the town center.
The chase resumed with a 10-man police team on the
couple's trail and at the 5 September intersection a pick-up
truck had to stop short, spilling the washing machine in
its bay onto a police car.

'Bonnie' the worse for wear after big chase scene.

Fortunately, there were no deaths or injuries during the
80-kilometer, 2-hour chase. Driver Ahmet A. was
captured by police at the Jandarma Intersection and
his blood alcohol level was recorded as 2.00 promil.

The couple was released pending trial.

Chase route: Nazilli to Kuyucak in Aydin province.

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