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Cow's Untimely Death Leads to Another

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 July 2014)

        Avenge me!

In Erzurum, E.A. was driving from Erzurum's
Palandoken district to Pasinler the night before
last  when he hit and killed a cow that suddenly
appeared on the road. The incident occurred in
front of the Regional Traffic Supervision Office.

E.A. got into an argument about the dead cow
with shepherds Furkan Cavus (14) and his older
brother Ibrahim Cavus (16).  Shortly thereafter,
the boys' relatives arrived at the scene armed
with knives and iron bars. E.A. was stabbed
in his armpit.

Police then intervened in the clash, shooting
both shepherds. Furkan was hit in the stomach
and did not survive. Erzurum Police Chief
Kamil Karabork made the following announcement:
"a crowd from the neighborhood wanted to lynch
the driver and in fact stabbed him. Traffic police
at the scene fired into the air in an effort to rescue
the driver and both shepherds were hit at this

In turned out that the boys are nephews of
HDP (a Kurdish party) Provincial Chief Nevzat
Cavus Policeman I.B. was transported to court
and arrested.

              Erzurum province

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