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Math Whiz Shames Testers but Picks English

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 23 July 2014)

Doktorun YGS mücadelesi
                 Fights City Hall and wins!

Dr. Hulya Gul Sahin administers and serves
as a doctor at the private school she founded
with her husband in Adana. On 27 March 2011,
Hulya sat for the Higher Education Entrance
Exam (like the SATs) so she could pursue
another degree.

Finding that the answer choices for the 7th
question in the math section of the test were
all wrong, Hulya filed an objection with the OSYM
(testing authority). The OSYM rejected her objection
so Hulya filed suit in court in Ankara. This suit was
also rejected, leading Hulya to appeal to a higher court.
This time her objection was accepted and Hulya
asked that the problematic question be voided.

An expert panel produced a report which was reviewed
by the court committee, resulting in the voiding of this
question: "since the product of x.(10!) is the square of a
positive integer, what is the lowest value that x can be?"

After the test, Hulya was able to enter the English Teacher
section of open education but she pursued the issue for
the sake of students who may have failed the test by just
a few points. In this regard she said "thousands of students
couldn't sit for the second exam and therefor they couldn't
get their first preferences. That's why it was appropriate
to pursue this matter for everyone's benefit. The test
questions should definitely be explained."

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