12 Temmuz 2014 Cumartesi

Rage Against 'Obscene' Statues Spreads to Urfa!

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(Milliyet and Hurriyet Newspapers, 12 July 2014)

The Puritans could have used Sahin bey.

In Siverek district of Sanliurfa province, fruit-seller
Sahin Akguler put a scarf on the head of the statue
of a girl in a municipal park. Akguler also tied a
shawl around the statue's midsection.

Akguler claimed that the statue was disturbing
citizens and so, during the holy month of Ramazan,
he decided to cover certain areas of the statue.
Citizens, for their part, viewed the covered up
statue with surprise.

Siverek district is in NE Sanliurfa province.

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