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Rooster Crows 610 TPH; Sleep Not an Option

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 17 July 2014)

Robust rooster's neck saved by council member.

In Karaman, an individual claimed that he was being
disturbed by his neighbor's rooster's excessive crowing
and filed a complaint with the Prime Minister's
Communications Center (BIMER). A member of the
Karaman Municipal Council bought the rooster - said
to crow 610 time per hour (!) - solving the problem
between the two neighbors.

The complaining citizen, who lives in the Yesilada
neighborhood of Karaman, explained that he works
at night and was unable to sleep in the morning when
he came from work because of the crowing rooster.
He warned his neighbor, the woman who owns the
rooster, about the situation but when there was no
resolution he filed his complaint about the rooster
and its owner with the municiality and BIMER.

Officials evaluated the complaint from the citizen,
who claimed that the rooster had crowed 610 times
between 5 and 6 o'clock, and informed the Karaman
Municipality, with a written report provided to the
Municipal Council. One of the council's members,
Beytullah Karakas, purchased the rooster in order
to resolve the problem.

Karakas explained that "one party says 'don't I
have the right to raise two roosters?'  On the other
hand, there are sick people and the elderly. This
fellow comes from work and can't sleep. We were
surprised by this, too. I said the rooster should be
given to a relative or butchered but she (the owner)
said she couldn't butcher the rooster she had raised
with her own hands. There was nothing left to do
but for me to buy the rooster for 100 TL ($50), so
the problem has been solved."

Karaman province, in south central Turkey.

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