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Chechen Intrigue in Turkey: Spy Thriller Script

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 21 July 2014)

The late Chechen Ickeriya State Consul

Medet Onlu, the Honorary Consul of
the Chechen Ickeriya State was killed
in an assassination at his office in
the Chechenistan Honoray Consulate
in Ankara last year on 22 May. His
wife Leyla Eser Onlu has now made
startling accusations in a petition to
the Ankara Prosecutor who is conducting
an investigation into the murder.

Leyla Onlu claims that the assassination
occurred while her husband was being
surveilled by the MIT (Turkish National
Intelligence Organization) and Police
Intelligence and that he was killed because
he resited the use of Chechens in the war
in Syria.

In her petition, Leyla Onlu stated that "my
husband was the key man for the Chechen
cause in Turkey but our family was constantly
kept under surveillance by Turkish intelligence.
The fact is that my husband's life was under a
microscope and yet his killers and those behind
them have not been found, although the murder
occurred in the center of Ankara in his own
office, is a shameful commentary on the Turkish
state, the police and the intelligence organiztions."

The family's lawyer Erdal Dogan has applied
to the prosecutor to have the investigation
intensified, noting that  "Russian passport holder
Rizvan Ezbualtov, for whom there is a red bulletin
(arrest warrant) pending, entered Turkey through
Ataturk Airport on 17 April 2013 and left via the
same route two days after the murder, on 24
May 2013. However, this information is not
fully included in the investigation file, constituting
a major shortfall. In addition, Ezbulatov was met
at the airport at midnight by Turkish citizen E.G.
and associates but this was not thoroughly
looked into. Another major failing."

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