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Boys Will be Boys, Casualties Pile Up

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 29 July 2014)

//ed. note: we could blame this on holiday excitement -
it's now Seker Bayram (Candy Holiday following Ramazan) -
but this stuff happens every day anyway.//

              Swan song for Gavur Haci.

In Adiyaman, an argument erupted between two
families because of a elopement problem. The
argument turned into an all out battle, with guns,
knives, rocks and bats. During the fight, violinist
Haci Cicek, who goes by the moniker "Gavur Haci",
died and 11 other people were injured.

Haci Cickek has worked for singers like Ibrahim
Tatlises and other famous crooners.  The
scene turned into a battleground, which police were
hard pressed to quell. Twenty people were taken into
custody and an investigation into the incident is
                       Adiyaman province.
turkce  links to related Turkish article

(Sozcu Newspaper, 29 July 2014)

              No, they're not dancing...

In Osmaniye, a fight broke out between two groups,
resulting in 16 people being  injured.  The clash occurred at
the State Water Affairs irrigation canal picnic grounds
in Cevdetiye town and was sparked (pun intended :)) by a
request for a cigarette lighter from one group member to
a member of the opposing group.

Knives, rocks, bats and crowbars were used by fight
participants and a minibus was damaged, in addition to
the 16 human casualties. An investigation into the incident
is continuing.

İlin Türkiye'deki konumu

                Osmaniye province.

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