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Murderer? Well, Yes. Thief? Never!

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 15 July 2014)

Öldürdüm, parçaladım, gömdüm ama ..
No honor among thieves, according to Galip bey.

Galip Ozdemir (47) was caught while carrying a
suitcase containing the body parts of his girlfriend
Esma Ekinci (37) whom he had killed and then
dismembered in a hotel room in Antalya. However,
when accused of robbery Ozdemir took great
exception, declaring  "give me life in prison for
the murder but I can't tolerate one day in jail with
robbery on my record!"

Continuing, Ozdemir said that "My children will be
judges and prosecutors. Don't let there be any harm
to them coming from me. I don't want to offend the
deceased in God's presence. She's dead and gone
but I took care of all her needs."

Ozdemir's remarks shocked the courtroom. Last
year on 26 December Ozdemir first smothered his
girlfriend Esma Ekinci in a hotel room. He then took
her body to the bathtub, cut her into pieces and put
the body parts in a suitcase. Ozdemir next went to
a forest where he buried Ekinci's hands, which he
had severed from her wrists. Later Ozdemir was
caught by the Gendarmerie with the suitcase
containing the body.

Antalya province, on Turkey's Med coast.

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