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Local Politics in Mardin: Playing for Keeps

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(Sabah Newspaper, 5 July 2014)

Support the rival candidate at your peril.

In Mardin, the village chief and his relatives attacked
a family that supported a rival candidate in the local
election with rifle fire as the family was on its way to
'teravih' (a special prayer service during the holy month
of Ramazan) prayers, leaving 4 dead and 27 wounded.

Bad blood between the Guven family, which serve
as guards in Kayadere village of Omerli district, and
the Budak family and their relatives in the Demirkiran
family began during the election for village chief. An
argument between youths of both sides in the village
square the day before yesterday turned into a fight with
rocks and bats.

Omerli District Chief Tekin Erdemir heard about the
incident and spoke with the village chief and other
family members.  The night before last, just when it
seemed that the matter had been tamped down, Medeni
Guven and his relatives fired automatic weapons from
the balcony of their home at a crowd that included
members of the Budak and Demirkiran families who
were on their way to the 'teravih' prayer service.

Celil Demirkiran, his nephews Izzettin Budak, Ahmet
Budak and niece Figen Budak died at the scene and after
both sides opened fire on each other 27 people were
injured. Entrance and exit to and from the village has
been placed under supervision as the dead were buried
amid tight security measures. Suspects were taken into

Omerli district is in central Mardin province.

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