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Road Warriors: Deadly Ramazan Coincidence

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 July 2014)

He and his son will miss the wedding.

In Boyali village, Karaman province, Ali Sezer (60) and
his son Hasan Sezer (25) wanted the 2-meter road next
to their house to be widened. Holding the opposite view
were the brothers Mustafa, Selcuk and Ramazan U. The
two sides argued and Hasan Sezer declared "you cannot
pass this street anymore!".  The brothers countered with
"We will pass! Who do you think you are?!"

A fight ensued, with both Ali Sezer and Hasan Sezer being
killed by shots fired from the three brothers' hunting rifle
and revolver.  Mustafa and Selcuk U. fled but were captured.
Ramazan U. remains at large. Hasan Sezer had been
preparing for his marriage that was to take place after the
upcoming Ramazan holiday.

Boyali village is 20 km from Karaman city.

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