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Suicide as One's Chosen Profession

turkce links to a previous Turkish article about our hero

(Haberturk Newspaper, 6 July 2014)

//ed. note: digital copy of the article on which today's blog
is based couldn't be found on the internet - blackout?!//

Just another day at the office for Bulut bey.

Bulut Heyder (35), the father of two, threatened to commit
suicide twice before in Istanbul and once each in Eskisehir
and Bursa by climbing to rooftops. The evening before last
Heyder threatened to take his own life from the 9th floor of
a hotel in Istanbul's Taksim Square, claiming that he couldn't
pay a 2,000 TL debt.

After 20 minutes Heyder was persuaded by police to come
down. Previously, Heyder had appeared on the rooves of
various buildings saying that he would commit suicide. After
one such event in Kadikoy, Istanbul, citizens collected
670 TL among themselves and gave it to Heyder. During his
Eskisehir suicide attempt Heyder said that he owed 1,000 TL
and he gave a list of his debts to police.

Contemplating suicide...or his business plan?

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