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'Obscene' Statues Controversial in Ordu Province

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 10 July 2014)

Beauty is in the eye (or spray can) of the beholder.

The people of Ordu will decide whether to remove
"obscene" statues from their parks and boulevards.
The statues in question were created by artists who
participated in the International Stone Statue Symposium
held in Ordu two years ago

Heykel'e Sansür!
      "where is your decency?!"

Mayor Engn Tekintas of the AK Party (a religiously
conservative party headed by PM Tayyip Erdogan)
stated that "we're getting lots of complaints because
the statues are being defaced. We don't want to give
any reason for incitement so we'll evaluate it after
we take a poll."

                 Modesty, please.

When statues of female figures were sprayed with
the words "where is your decency?!" the municipality
brought in masters students from the sculpture faculty
of Erzurum's Ataturk University to repair the statues.

Ordu province, along the Black Sea coast.

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