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Chechen Commander's Daughters Clash in Bursa

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 29 June 2014)

//ed. note: this is a follow-up report to our blog item of
16 June 2014: "Caucasus Romance in Bursa: No Happy

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         Laura goes to the Halloween Ball.

Laura Kehursayev (27), the elder daughter of Sultan Kehursayev,
a Chechen commander, warned her younger sister Latmira
Kehursayev (24), who was in Bursa, by phone on 11 June about
her relationship with Ahiska Turk Vetan Mavludov (33).  That
same day Laura and her boyfriend Muhammet Borchaev (30)
went to the Panayir neighborhood of Bursa's Osmangazi district
along with 7 other individuals.

Latmira and Vetan Mavludov, who is married and has five
children, met with Laura to talk things over. Ultimately, a
knife and gun fight broke out between the sides and Mavludov,
who was stabbed four times, died at a hospital.

Laura Kehursayev was sought as the instigator of the incident,
along with Borchaev, by a special Bursa police team made up
of two 6-person squads.  Members of the police team posed as
corn sellers last Thursdays in an effort to nab Laura, who
tried to mask her identity by wearing sun glasses and a full-
length cloak, and  Borchaev who shaved his beard and cut
his hair in an effort to avoid capture.

Borcaev, a black-belt aikido expert, resisted arrest for quite
a while in Aksaray, Istanbul, but was eventually subdued.
Laura Kehursayev was captured, as well, and said the
following in her statement in Bursa, where she was brought
for processing: "I knew about their relationship and I called
her to end it. She cursed at me so we went to Bursa to talk
face-to-face. When she cursed me again a fight broke out.
I didn't kill anyone."

Laura Kehursayev and Borchaev were remanded to custody
and three others are being sought by police in connection
with the incident.

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