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Stomach Cleansing With Liquid Detergent

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(Aksam Newspaper, 19 July 2014)\

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            The hazards of self-medication...

Sevket K. (48), who lives near the police station in the
Fatih neighborhood of Adiyaman, thought that because
his stomach was aching it was dirty. To solve the problem
Sevket K. drank 2 or 3 cups of liquid detergent that he
found in his kitchen.

When his ache worsened Sevket K. sought help from his
neighbors who called emergency services. Sevket K. was
then transported to Adiyaman Training and Research Hospital
where he is in good condition.

Dr. Umut Gulacti explained that "the patient was brought
to us after drinking an undetermined amount of liquid
detergent. We're are keeping him under observation and
his general condition is good right now."

Sevket K.'s wife Remziye K. stated that "I didn't see him
drink the detergent myself because I wasn't at home at
the time. They called me and told me my husband was
at the hospital so I went there. He told our neighbors that
his stomach had become dirty so that's why he drank the
detergent. That's about all there is to say now but he
seems to be ok."

                Adiyaman province.

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