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A Boy and His Dog, and a Violent Dad

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(Radical and Sozcu Newspapers, 27 July 2014)

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In Hacihasanlar village of Alapli distict, Zonguldak province,
53 year-old farmer Huseyin Karacan shot and killed his son,
Harun Karacan (20) with his hunting rifle because of an
argument over a dog. Prior to the incident Harun had posted
these words on social media: "your judgement isn't enough
to execute me."

Harun went with a friend in the evening to a hazelnut field to
wait for pigs. A while later, when Huseyin couldn't contact
his son via cellphone he became angry. Upon returning home,
Harun and his friend separated but the argument with his
father Huseyin began when the latter said "why didn't you
tie up the dog?" As the argument continued Huseyin grabbed
his hunting rifle and chased his son.

After a short chase, Huseyin cornered his son in a room and shot
him in the head. Harun died en route to Eregli State Hospital.
Soon afterwards, Huseyin surrendered to the Gendarmerie
with the murder weapon, his rifle.

Huseyin, who was taken into custody, had suffered psychological
problems 3 years ago when his daughter died. Huseyin had also
been restricted from staying in his own home for  5 months for
beating his wife. The Gendarmerie is continuing its investigation
into the incident.

Alapli on the Black Sea coast of Zonguldak province.

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