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Education Edition: Sleepy Students, Phantom Faculty

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 22 July 2014)

              Hey, we've all been there...

Ahmet Hilmi Kanci (57) has been a history teacher
for 35 years, 21 of those years spent at Konyaalti
Industrial Profession High School in Antalya. But
toward the end of the recent school year, when he
entered his classroom and found all but one student
asleep, he decided to retire. A farewell event has
been arranged for Kanci at the Egitim Is (teachers
union) in Antalya.

Kanci noted that the importance that students give
to their lessons has fallen dramatically. He added
that "when I approached students smoking cigarettes
in front of the school  they just went on smoking
and merely said 'we don't smoke inside the school'".

                   Antalya province.
turkce  links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 22 July 2014)

Hayalet fakülteye asistan ataması
Ankara U. Dean kicks YOK gift horse in the mouth.

The Higher Education Council (YOK)'s program to remedy
the shortfall of teachers in newly-opened universities,
particularly in Anatolia, has created a controversy.  Under the
program, called the Teacher Development Program (OYP),
YOK assigned five assistants to the Architecture Faculty at
Ankara University but the university dean asserted that "we
don't have an active section in this field."  Nevertheless, the
assignments were made.

One of those assigned assistants shared his experiences on
social media, as follows: "an engineering and architecture
faculty was established at Ankara University in 1992 but the
architecture faculty never became active. When I saw the
advertisement I assumed that it was now active. But there's
no building, professors or students belonging to the
architecture section and no one knows when the faculty
will become active. In fact, they said there's no such plan.
What am I going to do now?"

As a solution, YOK, while not canceling its decision, will
now send the five assistants to the Architecture Faculty of
Middle East Technical University. So, for the first time in
Turkey an assistant of a university section that has no
building, professors or students will begin training at a
different school.

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