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Update from the ISIL-Rojava Battlefront

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 July 2014)

On the battlefront in Rojava, western Kurdistan

According to Salih Muslim, the co-chairman of the Syria
Democratic Union Party (PYD),"ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq
and Levent) has moved a portion of the weapons the group
seized from the Iraqi army in Mosul to Kobani and now
they are using these weapons against us (Syrian Kurds)."

In a statement he gave to Hurriyet, Muslim stated that ISIL
is currently attacking Kobani's Carikli Hill and the villages
of Beyadiye, Ziyaret and Zormar in the Kurdish region of
Syria close to the Turkish border. Attending a conference
entitled "Consequences of the Syrian Crisis for the People
of Syria and Turkey" in Paris, Muslim told Hurriyet that
there has been heavy fighting in the area since the night
before last.

Muslim went on to say that "ISIL has targeted us both in
Iraq and in Rojava (western Kurdistan in Syria). Last night
(the night before last) ISIL attacked Kobani and this
morning (yesterday morning) they entered three villages
with tanks.  The villages are surrounded on three sides and
the other side is the Turkish border. This morning we
learned that 4,5 vehicles and a tank belonging to ISIL were
destroyed. Kobani is resisting."

The PYD leader noted that ISIL is much stronger from the
standpoint of military ammunition and he added that "the
latest technical (weapons) that ISIL got from Mosul are
giving our people difficulty."  In a statement he gave to
AA (Anatolian News Agency), Muslim asserted that "ISIL
has moved some of the weapons it seized from the Iraqi
army in Mosul to Kobani and they're using these weapons
against us now. These include armored tanks, mortars and
other heavy weapons. In particular, we are having trouble
stopping the armored tanks because normal bullets have
no effect on these tanks. We're looking for anti-tank
explosives and other heavy weapons on the black market."

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