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Half-naked Villagers Protest Privatized Water

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(Hurriyet and Sozcu Newspaper, 6 July 2014)

           You're on notice Chippendales!

A water revolt has begun in Horzumalayaka village in
Manisa province's Alasehir district. As the result of
local elections the village was transformed into a
hamlet but management of  the natural spring water
was given to a private firm by the Provincial Administrative
Unit prior to Manisa becoming a municipality.

The firm set up a filling station at the Dedekavak location
and began renting the spring water which has met the
villagers' water needs for 39 years. Yesterday the villagers
demonstrated because they've been left without water on
these hot summer days. The shirtless village men, shouted
slogans as they marched to the site of the spring.  The
village women (fortunately, fully clothed) provided support
to their menfolk.

        Horzumalayaka's answer to Brad Pitt

Village chief Erol Adiguzel made an announcement at the
Dedekavak location, which is at an elevation of 1,600 (?),
saying that they would continue to demonstrate until the
problem is solved.  He said that "without any notification
to us they gave our water to a private firm. We're already
suffering from a water shortage and now they've completely
cut us off. We have neither drinking water nor household
water. We want our government to listen to our voices."

After about two hours of demonstrating the villagers
dispersed without incident.

Alasehir district is in SE Manisa province.

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