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Colombian Bandits Bring Craft to Turkey

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 19 July 2014)

                 A looooong way from Bogata...

Muhittin Kocak works at a gas station in Tarsus district
of Mersin province. Kocak withdrew 102,000 TL ($50,000)
from a bank in Mersin city but thieves following him
broke the passenger side window of his car and stole
the money.

Police scrutinized the security camera images and learned
that the car that had followed Kocak had been rented by
a citizen of Colombia. When Mersin police heard that 8
Colombian and Guatemalan suspects had been arrested
in Bursa for the theft of 95,000 TL using the same technique
they contacted police in Bursa.

Three suspects in the Bursa robbery - Colombians A.G.G.B.,
A.A.R. and a woman named J.A.C.G. -  had been released by
the court there (!) but were subsequently determined to be
the culprits in the Mersin heist. They were re-arrested in
Bursa, transported to Mersin and brought before the court

Colombians apparently intrepid travellers - Mersin is on
Turkey's Med. coast, while Bursa is near Istanbul.

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