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A Politician's Politician: Master of Nothing

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(Posta Newspaper, 17 October 2014)

Ahmet Yeni´den Meclis´e veda pozu
     Striking farewell pose: "I Shall Not Return"

His name is Ahmet Yeni, one of six parliamentarians from
the AK Party chosen from Samsun in 2011.  He has worked
in the banking sector but he is not one of the Parliament's
active names.

Yeni is not on any commissions nor has he offered any
legislation in his 3.5 years in office. He has yet to propose
any questions, written or spoken. The most he has done is
to join in signing a few law proposals. This year Yeni
spoke twice, in April, from the parliamentary podium about
the 30 March election results and ahead of Workers' Day on
1 May.

Yeni is not argumentative and his voice hasn't been heard
except for a few remarks.  But yesterday, prior to the Turkish
Grand National Assembly's general meeting, Yeni took to
the podium, whereupon a friend photographed him as if he
was making a speech and gesturing. A nice memento for
himself. Yeni will not be a candidate in the 2015 elections
because of term limits.

Samsun province is on Turkey's Black Sea coast.

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