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'Sultan' Declares "50 Kids or Bust!"

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(Aksam Newspaper, 30 October 2014)

4 eşli 32 çocuklu Halit Tekin‘in hedefi 50 çocuk
            One man CAN make a difference...

In Hatay province's Reyhanli district, Halit Tekin's first marriage was
to then-15 year old Nihal Tekin (47) in 1982.  Subsequently, Tekin
began living with Gul Sasar, Zekiye Kogu (both 41) and Fatma
Budak (54).  Tekin has 32 children from his four wives and although
one child died six months ago, his first wife Nihal gave birth to a
child on 27 October, keeping the total figure at 32.

Tekin named his newest son Ahmet and noted that "one of my children
died six months ago but now I have 12 sons and 20 daughters. I love
them very much. If my health permits, and if God allows it, I want the
number to reach 50."

His first wife Nihal has given Tekin 5 children, second wife Gul 14,
third wife Zekiye 5 and fourth wife Fatma 8.  Tekin asserted that there
are no problems between his wives and each of them has a separate
house.  Five of his children have married and Tekin has 18 grandchildren.

As for his income, Tekin explained that "I sing at local events to make
money.  Between the wives, children, brides and grandchildren our
family totals 60 people. Since we can't fit into one house each family
lives separately. We all get along great. I've memorized the names of
my children and love them all very much. I'm very happy being with

Zekiye Tekin (wife #3) stated that  "we're one big happy family but
there are days when it's difficult to meet everyone's needs. Winter has
come and those who need coal are getting help. We expect assistance
from the Reyhanli district office and the Social Aid Foundation."

Reyhanli district, in east-central Hatay, is on the Syrian border.


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