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Face Transplantee Aboard Torched Car

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 October 2014)

Antalya'da akıl almaz ölüm
Torches car for spite. Burned to death.

In Antalya province, Ramazan Kaya got mad at his car and
torched it, accidentally burning himself to death in the process.
Kaya (33) was touring around the Gebece neighborhood of
Manavgat district with three of his friends, one of whom was
Ugur Acar, Turkey's first face transplantee (!).

Ugur Acar, Turkey's first face transplantee.

Kaya's car broke down and he tried for a while to repair it.
Failing to start the car again, Kaya became angry and decided
to burn the car.  He poured gas from a can he kept in the trunk
over the car, not noticing that some of the gas splashed onto
his clothes.

When Kaya lit a cigarette he went up in flames and his friends
tried to put out the fire.  Kaya was transported to Akdeniz
University Hospital where he died.

//ed. note: in a bizarre coincidence (in a bizarre story), Ugur
Acar's face transplant  operation took place at Akdeniz 
University Hospital.//

Antalya province on the Med. Manavgat district right-center.

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