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Vampire Grave Unearthed In Bulgaria

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(Sabah Newspaper, 13 October 2014)

Got the traditional 'stake-through-the-heart' treatment.

Prof. Nikolai Ovcharov, who has dedicated his life to exposing
the secrets of antique civilizations  and who has earned the
moniker 'Bulgaria's Indian Jones',  has found a 'vampire
grave' at Perperikon, which was discovered 20 years ago in
the south of the country.

Perperikon dates back to 5,000 years B.C.  The findings unearthed
on Thursday are believed to be from the 13 century A.D.  The
famous archeologist stated that the most arresting detail of the
skeleton found in the grave is a metal object - a stake - in the
skeleton's chest.  Prof. Ovcharov explained that this stake was
used to prevent the dead from rising from the grave and causing
harm to living persons.

Prof. Ovcharov went on to say that "practices such as this could
be used for those who lost their live by unusual means, like
suicide."  He added that they guessed that the skeleton belonged
to a person aged about 40 or 50. The stake thrust into the chest
was a piece of a horse cart axle.

This 'vampire grave' very much resembles others found in Sozopol,
200 miles east of Perperikon. Bozhidar Dimitrov, the head
of the National History Museum in Sofia  stated that over 100
skeletons belonging to people believed to have been vampires
have been unearthed in Bulgaria.

Map of Bulgaria
Perperikon is near Kharzhali in the extreme south of Bulgaria.
Sozopol is on the Black Sea coast, 200 miles to the east, near

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