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Misdirection Edition: Blame & Fortune

//ed. note; original Turkish article unavailable.//

(Sozcu Newspaper, 4 October 2014)

         Avcilar district, Istanbul

In Avcilar, Istanbul, Mehmet Can A.(47), his son Goksel A.
(19) and Aliye I.(43) shot and killed their hometown friend
Mehmet Kapal (44) and tried to frame someone else for the
murder.  First, the killers left Kapal's body in an empty field.
A few days later they went to visit their friend C.A. and
borrowed his car for a few hours.

During this time, the three suspects planted the murder weapon
in C.A.'s car trunk.  Shortly afterwards they called police to
inform on C.A. and he was taken into custody.  However, C.A.
was able to establish that he was in his home town on the day
of the murder and he produced witnesses, as well.

C.A. told police about Mehmet Can A. and his family's visit
and the fact that they borrowed his car for a short time. Police
then took Mehmet Can A., Goksel A., and Aliye I. into
custody and determined that Mehmet Kapal had been killed
in Mehmet Can A.'s home, with the body being dumped in the
field afterwards.  The suspects were booked at the police
station and taken to jail.


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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 5 October 2014)

‘Papaz’ı  buldu
I.S. is dealt a very expensive hand by Nuray N.      

Life coach Nuray N. (54) and her son E.P. run a coffee shop in
the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul, where Nuray reads customers'
fortunes and breaks evil spells. For one of her customers, I.S.,
Nuray declared that I.S.'s fate was in jeopardy and that I.S.
had no peace of mind.  In order to eliminate this 'priest's spell'
Nuray told I.S. that the charge would be 1,000 TL ($500).

Subsequently, after collecting this money, Nuray said she had
to apply more magic and charms, ultimately charging I.S.
53,000 TL ($26,000) over time. I.S., feeling hoodwinked, made
a criminal complaint to the police, to whom she provided the
written charms as evidence.  Nuray and E.P. were charged
with 'fraud by exploitation of religious beliefs and emotions'
and faced 7 years in jail.

Nuray rejected the charges, stating that "I'm continuing my
life and paying my rent. I don't have any property or a car."
Her son E.P. also asked to be aquitted.  The court committee
hearing the case decided that there was no concrete evidence
of intentional fraud and aquitted Nuray and E.P.

      Bakirkoy district in Istanbul.

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