25 Ekim 2014 Cumartesi

ISIS Keeps Sanliurfa's Hotel Rooms Full

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 25 October 2014)

Cameras roll and hotel rooms stay full.

As the fighting continues in Kobani, Syria, there have been interesting
developments in Sanliurfa. While tourism companies have been cancelling
activities in the city, which annually draws 650,000 tourists, the 5-star
hotels are filled with members of foreign news organizations and armed

Enterprising 'simit' vendor feeding the spectators.

It is impossible to find a vacant room for the weekend at many hotels
in Sanliurfa.  The head of Sanliurfa's Commerce and Industry Association,
Sabri Ertekin, said, noting that Sanliurfa is an important location for
tourism. He added that "this year we'll have trouble drawing 300,000
tourists but the hotels in the city are full. Sanliurfa's tourist number has
been rising by 20 percent per year but tourism companies are cancelling
activities for the fall and winter months. The city has been seriously
affected but, on the other hand, the hotels are full with reporters covering
the story and security forces personnel. It's hard to find a vacant hotel
room but the tourist number will fall to 300,000."

          What's simit without cay?

 ISIS getting a promotion fee from the hotel money?

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