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Frog & Turtle Edition

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(Haberler.com, 11 October 2014)

Five people hunting small frogs in Girdev Lake in Seydikemer
district of Mugla provice  were caught red-handed and fined
175,965 TL ($87,000).  Gendarmerie units from the Seki
Gendarmerie post linked to the district conducted the raid last
night and nabbed M.Y. (38), S.Y. (19), Y.Y. (17), M.Y. (28)
and M.Y. (22).

A total of  9 baskets full of the frogs, which the suspects intended
to sell, were confiscated and returned the lake.  In accordance with
Environment Law number 2872, paragraph 20/k,  each suspect
was fined 35,193 TL, totaling 175,965 TL for all five of them.

Saklikent National Park superintendant Sedat Gavcar noted that
collecting wild animals in wetlands is prohibited and he asserted
that supervision of Girdev Lake is non-stop.  He added that
"Girdev's ecologic balance is very delicate and frogs have a role
in maintaining this balance. That's why we're very concerned
about humans upseting the situation. Our citizens should
definitely not enter wetlands to hunt frogs."

From: Seydikemer, Kemer/Muğla Province To: Muğla
Seydikemer district of Mugla province.

turkce  links to original Turkish article

(Bugun Haberler, 8 October 2014)

  Not ready for the Siberian winter.

A Russian tourist who took a baby turtle back to Russia from Turkey
had to pay a fine of 500 rubles (about $12). Aleksey Alekseyenko, the
advisor to the head of Rosselhoznadzor, the Russian Federal Plant
Protection and Quarantine Service, told the Cihan News Agency that
the turtle would be returned to Turkey on the same airplane it came
to Russia on.  He added that the passenger who brought the turtle had
no documents related to the animal and was therefore hit with the
monetary fine.

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