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Louis Vuitton Chic Betrays Robbers

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 1 October 2014)

      "Is that Louis Vuitton you're wearing?!"

Two robbers entered the home of Leydi Agavni Opsar (72),
the owner of the Opsar Jewelry company, in Nisantasi, Istanbul,
last Thursday morning. The robbers put tape on the elderly
woman's mouth, tied her hands and took $600,000 worth of
jewels and antiques.

Filling two suitcases and a Louis Vuitton bag with the loot,
the thieves left the building. Opsar's relatives found her at
home and when the police came she told them that the robbers
did not speak Turkish.  Police checked the building's security
camera and noted the suspects leaving at 7 in the morning with
the bags.

Police surmised that the robbers left in a taxi and looking at
security camera footage from the neighborhood they spotted
a taxi with a (you guessed it) Louis Vuitton bag sticking out
from the half-opened trunk.

Detectives determined that the two suspects got out of the taxi
in the Kumkapi section of Istanbul where they were met by two
women.  Police subsequently raided a hotel the suspects were
staying at and took the two Georgian robbers and their girlfriends
into custody. Another two individuals were arrested at a truck
stop in Sapanca (about 200 kilometers east of Istanbul).

Most of the stolen jewels and antiques were recovered, among
them a $180,000 diamond necklace and a $50,000 cigarette
lighter. The two robbers were jailed and the others released.

Sometimes we're just too fashionable...

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