18 Ekim 2014 Cumartesi

Shark Meat Cures Cancer!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 October 2014)

Dev köpekbalığı kanser hastalarına umut oldu
Local residents thinking twice about taking a dip henceforth...

The two giant glass-eyed sharks caught in the Sea of Marmara have
become hope for cancer patients. One of the sharks weighs a ton and
measures 4 meters, while the other one weighs 700 kilograms and is
3.5 meters in length.  The sharks, which were caught off Beylikduzu,
Istanbul, have been on display for two days at the Fisherman Kenan
Facilities in Beylikduzu.

One kilogram of shark meat has been distributed to cancer patients
seeking a cure. About 1,000 people formed a line in order to obtain
some of the sharks' meat. Fisherman Kenan Balci said that both
sharks' skin and heads have been mumified and will be displayed
at the Sea Creatures Museum of Turkey.

    Beylikduzu district of Istanbul.

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