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Svengali, Rasputin and Now, Ramazan Durak, Again

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(Sabah Newspaper, 13 October 2014)

'Tacizci' 16 yıl sonra 'şifacı' olarak geri döndü
Instead of  ballplayers, boyhood idols - Svengali and Rasputin.

Ramazan Durak, in the guise of a religious man, introduced
himself  to F.B. at the Eyub Sultan tomb as a healer. F.B.
explained to Durak that her 16 year-old daughter was
continuously experiencing headaches. In response, Durak
fooled F.B. by claiming  that "I can heal her" and stayed in
F.B.'s house for 40 days, acquiring the woman's gold and
bank money in the process. Durak even got F.B. to sign
over her 400,000 TL ($200,000)-valued house as "payment
for treatment."

After some time, when her daughter's situation did not improve,
F.B. became suspicious and searched the internet for news
about Durak, ultimately realizing that she had been duped.
Based on F.B.'s complaint, Durak was arrested for 'sexual
harassment', 'fraud', 'wrongful seizure' and 'falsification'.
Durak was found to have 12 outstanding warrants against him
and the 115,000 TL he was carrying was seized.

     Even then they knew...

It turned out that Durak had first been in the news in 1998 when
he was involved in a sexual harassment scandal in Malatya.
In that case, Durak promised unsuccessful students that he could
get them through their classes by writing charms for them but
instead he brought the children to his home and sexually
harassed them.

After spending two years in jail, Durak was released and last
year he convinced a woman in Corum named H.K. that he had
special powers. Durak promised to marry H.K. and invited her
to Malatya, after which he bilked H.K. of 650 TL ($325).

                Malatya province.

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