31 Ekim 2014 Cuma

Sand Bar and Sand Trap

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 31 October 2014)

Calls to mind Fatih Sultan Mehmet's 1453 Istanbul operation. 

In Abana district of Kastamonu province, heavy waves deposited sand
at the entrance to the fishing boat shelter forcing fishermen to transport
their boats over the sand into the sea.  The fishing boats were brought
to the mouth of the blockaded shelter and moved over the sand with the
help of machines and manpower.

Unexpected sand bar chokes off harbor entrance at Abana.

Abana is on Kastamonu's east Black Sea coast.


                    Sand trap.

Meanwhile, in Yakutiye district of Erzurum, a truck loaded
with sand was swallowed by a hole that suddenly appeared
in the main road connecting Caykaya and Hastaneler Boulevard.
The driver of the truck was hospitalized.

At about the same time, a fire engine also fell into a hole on
the road about 5 meters further on from the first mishap. Officials
stated that a drinking water pipe erupted, causing the road to cave

   Yakutiye district is in Erzurum city.

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