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Hercules, The Heroic, The Villanous

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 20 October 2014)

Bu bizim Herkül

                     Hercules: what a guy!

The Hercules Sarcophagus adorned with marble statues that
was seized at Geneva Customs in 2012 was stolen from Perge
in Antalya.  It's twin is in the Antalya Museum and both were
sculpted by the same stonemaster, with most of the figures on
the surfaces the same.  The case is now is Swiss court and the
Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is continuing the fight
to reclaim the sarcophagus.

An archeology buff working in Geneva Customs had spotted
the now-impounded work, which is registered to the Swiss
Phoenix Art Gallery.  Swiss officials had investigated the origin
of the sarcophagus and seized it, prompting Turkey to file suit
for its return.

For a long time the sarcophagus had resided in the cemetery at
Perge Antique City, notorious for theft by land owners and
treasure hunters. One land owner, A.Ç., who is now in Elmalı
Prison, admitted in a statement that his uncle had sold him the
sarcophagus in 2001. The Swiss prosecutor handling the case
came to Antalya a year ago and talked with A.Ç. One of the
work's faces was returned to Turkey by the Paul Getty Museum
in the U.S. in 1983 and the front face was sent back by the
Schwartzkopff Collection in Germany in 1998. The Antalya
Museum now wants the other face sent back from Switzerland.

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 20 October 2014)

          'Hercules' nabbed. No help from Zeus or Jupiter.

A thief who earned the name 'Hercules' because he carried off
steel safes all by himself, has been arrested in Istanbul. The
suspect's first theft occurred last May when he entered the home
of 72 year-old Zehra U. in Besiktas, Istanbul. 'Hercules' carried
the 120-kilogram safe, in which there were 500,000 TL ($250,000)
worth of jewels, from the first floor apartment down to his car.

Police checked security camera footage and identified the thief
but 'Hercules' adopted a new identity to avoid police. He broke
into another house in Besiktas in June and stole a safe with 20,000
TL ($10,000) worth of jewels from Emine S. (62). 'Hercules''s
MO was to identify elderly women and break into their homes
when they were elsewhere.

Last Friday, 'Hercules' suspect Okan Y. (32) was arrested in
Cekmekoy, Istanbul and incarcerated.

       Besiktas district, Istanbul

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