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In Defense of Doctors: Tae Kwon Do

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 14 October 2014)

action video short on tae kwon do but long on E-room chaos.

Saldırıya uğrayan doktor tekvando yapıp kurtuldu
Mild-mannered Dr. Bilgili actually a SuperHero!

A doctor working in the emergency room at Dursun Odabas
Medical Center of Yuzuncu Yil University in Van was attacked
by the relatives of a patient but thanks to his tae kwon do training
he was able to defend himself. The action was captured on the
hospital's security camera.

When patient I.G. passed away his relatives began arguing with
hospital staff at the intensive care unit for chest ailments. The
relatives then headed for the emergency room where they
attacked Dr. Mehmet Ali Bilgili.  One of them leapt up on the
counter and tried to kick Dr. Bilgili, who was working at the
computer there. Bilgili, who is a tae kwon do enthusiast, grabbed
the attacker's foot and brought him down. Bilgili took on and
bested another 4 of the enraged relatives.

In the video, police and hospital staffers are seen trying to
move the relatives out of the emergency room. As for Bilgili,
he filed a police complaint against the relatives and noted that
attacks on hospital staff have become so commonplace that
the public is now  inured to them.  He added that "I was working
as usual on Saturday when, I later learned, a patient in intensive
care died and after arguing with the doctor and nurses there
the relatives attacked me.  Thank God I wan't injured. As
health providers we don't want to see anyone harmed. I hope
we don't see any more of these incidents."

Van province in extreme eastern Turkey.

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