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Drone Warfare Declared on Wedding Gunfire

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 October 2014)

     Airborne recon comes to Erbaa.

The Erbaa District Security Directorate, in Tokat province,
determined to stop the firing of weapons at weddings, has
decided to purchase two “multikopter” drones.  According
to district chief Abdulkadir Demir, more than 10 weapons
have been seized in the district within the past week.  He added
that “as the result of our determined efforts we are intent on
stopping this practice in Erbaa. It’s also forbidden to use
fireworks and in that regard we’ve written about 200 fines,
totaling about 20,000 TL ($10,000).”

Demir explained that they planned to use technology to
stop the wedding firings and the “multikopter” is a tool
for this: “the drones are very effective for viewing public
safety situations and we’ll  use them for many purposes. For
example, during forest fires we can easily evaluate the
status from drone photographs and video. We can use
the “multikopter” for many things.”

One of the drones will be in the hands of the police and the
other will be used by the Gendarmerie.  Demir said he has
warned wedding hall owners: “I’ve asked them to be
sensitive to this matter. Not to allow weapons firings at

Demir noted that police confiscated 28 revolvers, 32 bullets
and 5 hunting rifles at weddings in 2014, with the collected fines
totaling 18,216 TL. Some 77 people have been fined a total of
14,553 TL for setting off fireworks.  Two people were wounded
by gunfire at weddings this year. The drones will be purchased

two weeks from now.

            Tokat province

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