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The Camera Tells a Different Story

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(Milliyet and Hurriyet Newspapers, 16 October 2014)

Looking for a little drama in her life, evidently...
not to mention free publicity. The word 'backfire' comes to mind.

Fashion editor Cansu Canayak was in the news everywhere two
weeks ago when she claimed that a drug addict had attacked
her with a chemical liquid in Nisantasi, Istanbul.  However,
yesterday the video of the incident in which Canayak's foot
was burned came out. After the news of the 'attack' hit the
media, police in the area reviewed video footage from nearby
security cameras.

Ultimately, views of the incident were isolated. In the video
a person carrying a cup bumped into Canayak, who then
dramatically fell to the ground and removed her shoe and tight.
The person who bumped into Canayak can be seen backing
away at first and then kneeling to try to help the young woman.

At this juncture, Canayak can be seen waving the person away.
Nevertheless, the person put the cup on the ground and insisted
on helping Canayak.  Other persons in the area can be seen
rushing to Canayak's side to help.  Subsequently, Canayak
claimed that "a drug addict attacked me." but an eye witness
stated that the incident was an accident, with the person
carrying a cup of hot coffee bumping into Canayak.

Cansu hanim recovering from 'drug addict attack'.

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