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Ancient Istanbul Port & Ships Museum Coming

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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 October 2015)

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Final approval has been granted for a museum that will showcase
the sunken ships at Yenikapı, Istanbul, one of the most important
finds related to Istanbul's history. The sunken ships were uncovered
during the excavation for the Marmaray trans-Bosphorus subway
line. The ships and related historical works will be displayed at an
archeo-park and cultural center to be constructed, in accordance with
the approval of the Istanbul Municipality.

     Istanbul/Constantinople in Byzantine times.

In the course of the excavation, 36 sunken ships emerged from
the ancient Byzantine Theodosius Limanı (port/harbor), together
with nearly 45,000 other items. Among the other findings at the
site were the graves and footprints of the first people of Istanbul,
who lived here 8,500 years ago. The display area will include 36
ships and 5,000 objects.

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     Theodosius Limanı (red square) (duh!)

A special 20-meter platform will be built to show the ships and
there will be 5 archeo-park areas, as well. There will also be an
excavation of the city surrounding the Theodosius Limanı, along
with a 500,000 square meter archeo-park. The project proposed by
Eisenmann Architects and Aytaç Mimarlık won first place in the
competition for the site in 2012.

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