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Imam Wards Off Evil Spirits for Treasure Hunters

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 26 October 2015)

Image result for imamlı ayetli kaçak define avı
       Treasure hunters diggin' the scene.

In Karacasu district of Aydın province, the Gendarmerie team
at the Gerye Gendarmerie post got a tip about an illegal excavation
underway at the site of the Aphrodisias ruins, so a joint operation
with the provincial Gendarmerie command was launched.

The Gendarmerie team caught red-handed a back-hoe operating at
a field in the Marulluk region that belongs to an individual named
A.T. and 7 people were taken into custody. Two dust masks, 6
apparatuses made of brass and used for finding gold, shovels and
the back-hoe were seized at the excavation site.

Image result for afrodisias ören yeri
Once-upon-a-time Aphrodisias in Gerye town, Karacasu, Aydın.

It turned out that one of the suspects, A.N.H., from the Yahşiler
neighborhood of Tavas district in Denizli province, is an imam.
The other suspects are from Sivas, Malatya and Afyon.  In their
statements to the Gendarmerie the suspects claimed not to know
each other and said that they had come to the area as tourists.

In its investigation the Gendarmerie learned that while six of the
suspects worked on the excavation, the imam from Denizli recited
'ayets' (verses) from the Koran to ward off the 'evil spirits and souls'
that the treasure hunters believed were guarding the treasure. All
seven suspects were taken to jail.

Image result for aydın haritası
Karacasu district is in far southeastern Aydın province.

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