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"Breaking Bad" in Istanbul, Iranian-style

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 October 2015)

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        Eat your heart out, Walter White.

Istanbul narcotics police conducted an operation against a
drug gang that was producing drugs in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul,
and which was being led by Iranian Amar R.  As the result
of four months of technical and physical surveillance, 42
drug sellers working for the Iranian gang and a total of 99
kilograms of narcotics were seized.

Police followed the trail of chemistry professor Vafa A., who
was processing the drugs the gang brought in from Iran. After
a long period of surveillance it was determined that the production
was taking place in a luxury villa in Beylikdüzü.

   Cast of characters.

The villa, guarded at the front door by a pitbull, was raided by
police, who had a veterinarian tranquilize the dog. The police
grabbed chemistry professor Vafa A. red-handed, with a gas mask
covering his mouth as he worked to make narcotics pills.

The professor's Russian girlfriend Olivia O., gang leader Amar R.
and gang members İrfan I and Fatma K. were captured, as well.
All together, six suspects were taken into custody and four were
ultimately arrested.  The gang was paying the chemistry professor,
whom they brought to Istanbul from Iran, 25,000 TL (about 8K
USD) per month. As for the drugs, they were being shipped to
countries in the Far East.

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     Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul

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