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NASA Has Villagers on Meteorite Hunt

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 October 2015)

Bingöl'de göktaşı peşinde
What's the name they said, Kryptonite or some such?

The lights seen in southeastern Turkey in early September
came from a meteor and this started a veritable meteorite
hunt in Sarıçayır village of Bingöl province. When the
villagers heard that the meteorites could fetch high prices
the hunt really gained interest.

Specialists came from Bingöl and Istanbul Universities to
look for pieces of the meteorites that fell in the village, as did
Dr. Peter Jenniskens of NASA.

Prof. Dr. Türker Özkan of Istanbul University's Astronomy
and Space Sciences Department noted that there is not much of
a market for meteorites in Turkey but there are buyers abroad.
Dr. Özkan stated that "depending on the size, shape and appearance,
there are those who will pay from a few hundred dollars to
hundreds of thousands."

Nevertheless, Dr. Özkan pointed out that meteorites can be
dangerous because of possible radiation. He added that "it's
not a good idea to have these stones in a dwelling until they've
been scientifically examined."

According to Bingöl University, the largest meteorite to be
found in the search area is 20 millimeters (sic -not even an inch!
Perhaps centimeters was meant). Researchers will use FT-IR
spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and AAS, ICP-MS, XRD,
SEM-EDX techniques to determine the physical, structural,
geologic and chemical properties of the meteorites.

                       Bingöl province

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