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Electroshock-Blackmail, Sulfuric Acid-Jealousy

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 October 2015)

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Handy when you need to tame your blackmail victim.

In Buca district in the heart of Izmir a businessman lived
through hours of terror at a luxury residential apartment.
This is what happened: jeweler A.T. came to Buca from Soma
in Manisa province to visit his son at a university. En route
he stopped by the home of a previous acquaintance, a young
woman named E.Ö.

As A.T. and E.Ö. were chatting, the doorbell rang and three
people wearing ski-masks, saying they were 'police', began to
beat A.T. They then used an electroshock device on A.T. and
took naked pictures of him, grabbing 4,000 TL (about 1,300 USD)
and 170 euros from his wallet in the process.

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"Maybe we should put his seat belt on in the car. Ya think?"

The suspects put a note in A.T.'s pocket that read "we have the
video. Cooperate, Otherwise everyone will see the video. Keep
quiet and don't look at anyone's wife or daughter again." The
suspects then carried A.T. to the parking garage and put him in
the back seat.

However, A.T. awakened and jumped out of the moving car.
The panicked suspects fled the scene and the lightly injured A.T.
contacted the police, telling them that "they tried to blackmail
me for money. They laid a trap. I'm filing a complaint against
all of them."

Soon afterwards the police took S.T. and homeowner E.Ö. into
custody. S.T. rejected the charges and E.Ö. stated that "I know
A.T. He called me and said he wanted to see me so I said OK
at first. He came and we started to chat, when all of a sudden he
sexually assaulted me. I was lucky to get away from him and I
called S.T. for help. The three guys came and saved me from A.T."

Nevertheless, E.Ö. and S.T. were charged with "assault, intentional
wounding, blackmail and threatening." The other suspects Y.E.
and O.Ç. are being sought by police.

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Buca district of Izmir (blue dot) (duh!)


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 October 2015)

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For some reason, sulfuric acid isn't on the playroom menu.

Last Saturday night at the Develi Kebap restaurant in Ataşehir,
Istanbul, 3 and a half year-old Y.K. was injured by acid thrown
at him by his aunt's husband. Police related the incident as follows:
lawyer I.G., Y.K.'s aunt, divorced from C.A. a month ago but both
I.G. and C.A. came to the restaurant for dinner with mutual friends.

I.G. sent Y.K. off to the children's playroom at the restaurant but
at 20:45 C.A. got up from the table and went to the playroom on
the first floor. The playroom attendant, P.A., admonished C.A.
to put on galoshes before entering the playroom and he did so.
But C.A. then sprayed a liquid substance at Y.K., hitting two
other children, as well. The substance was later identified as
sulfuric acid.

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Proud dad C.A. giving his kids plenty of acid-free attention.

C.A. left the scene and the two other children were taken for
treatment and released. Y.K., though, was in danger of losing an
eye. After police spoke with I.G. and the others at the table, C.A.
was identified as the prime suspect

Last night, C.A., the marketing director of an international
technology company, was taken into custody at his home in
nearby Çekmeköy.  Explaining his actions C.A. said that "I have
a child of the same age but everyone in the family pays attention
to Y.K. I got jealous. I took a spray from the house that I thought
was paint (!). I didn't know there was acid in it (!!). I just wanted
to embarrass him, to ridicule him (a 3.5 year-old child!!!). I didn't
want to harm him."

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     Ataşehir district of Istanbul.

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