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Reluctant Wife Runs Hubby's Football Team

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 October 2015)

Image result for oynamak için futbol takımı satın alıp karısını da kulüp başkanı yaptı
       "She let's me play whenever I want to!"

In Antalya, jeweler Eyüp Aktaş, who has been playing football
since he was 7 years-old, has bought his own football team out
of spite. Aktaş (31)  got mad at a club that refused him a license
even though he paid money, so he bought himself a team so that
he could play. Then he put his wife in charge of the team.

Aktaş explained that "last year I went to the Aksu Ferrokrom
Spor Kulübü and gave them 750 TL for a license but they wouldn't
issue me one. I got really upset so I started looking around for a
club to buy. The head of the Antalya Denizgücü Spor Kulübü heard
about my interest and got in touch with me. We agreed on all
matters and I bought the team, changing its name to that of my
neighborhood - Cihadiye."

If that wasn't enough, Aktaş put his wife and the mother of his
two children, İnci Aktaş, in charge of the team. Aktaş noted that
"my wife used to hate football but once I made her the president
she even watches matches on TV." Cihadiyespor will contest in
the 2nd Amateur league.

Image result for antalya haritası
                           Antalya province

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