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Mom Gets ISIS Make-over, Says 'Hi' From Rakka

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 22 October 2015)

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                  Hülya (before)

In Karaman, Ramazan Bozkurt (27) claimed that his wife
of 7 years Hülya Tuba Bozkurt (26) took their two year-old
son and went to join the terror organization ISIS six days ago.

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     Hülya (after, with new boyfriend in Rakka)

Ramazan, who works as a cook in a girls student dormatory,
noted that his wife's dispositon changed a while ago. He explained
that "my wife's last job was as a security guard (!) at the Dalaman
Airport. We decided to go our separate ways because she got
into organizations and ideas that I didn't like. We've been living
apart for 8 months and I saw that shortly after we split up she
began to wear a 'peçe' (black veil). She began to dress our son
in camouflage and told her friends that she was on jihad and
would be willing to blow herself up if required. She was taken
into custody on suspicion of being a suicide bomber but was
released. I want my son rescued. I miss him."

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Dalaman airport is near Marmaris (red dot). Karaman is south of

Ramazan Bozkurt said that his wife had called him from
Rakka in Syria and said that she was fine.  Ramazan added
that "I said I wanted to hear my son's voice but she said he
was sleeping and then hung up on me. There were people
I didn't recognize in the pictures she sent on the way to
Syria. When I looked on social media I saw only photos
related to ISIS."

Image result for rakka map
Everyone knows where Rakka is anymore.

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